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Dean and I had been to a wedding in North Platte, and on the way home, stopped

in Lexington to see the eagles at the public utility plant.  Now there was only one

close enough to see, but plenty downstream that you could see with binoculars

supplied there.  Mind you, this is the first one I’ve seen, and I was thrilled, and impressed

with the size!  Wish there had been more, but they had left earlier.100_3681


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KC sweetie

Dean and I went to KC to see Rach, Jon, and Avalyn.  She is 14 months old today, and starting to say so many new words, but the surprise is how many more she understands when you talk.  When I ask her where the kitty is, she looks around the room til she spots the new stuffed kitty Mom gave her, and points it out.  If you ask her about the telephone, she’ll go press the ring button on her toy phone just to hear you say”hello!”

When she had a snack of Lucky Charms, she sat there and patiently picked out all the marshmallows and pushed the cereal away!  God, I can’t remember when I laughed so much at her antics.  She runs away as fast as she can when she touches something she isn’t to have–looks to see if you noticed, and then laughs and runs behind the chair.

She spent a  lot of time sitting with Jon and watching her cartoon.  She isn’t much interested in adult TV, but, like any kid, will watch the commercials.  I always wondered why my kids did that too, as the content, like some ad for insurance, wasn’t interesting, but they’d stop moving and watch til it was done.  Short, exciting presentation?  Don’t know, but I see she does it too!

It took her a while to warm up to Grandpa, but when she started her “showoff” time, he was fair game.

Loves to dump out her blocks, and will make a tower 5 high.  Can put giant legos together with ease.  When your kids are all grown up, you forget how growth and development proceeds, and it’s fun to see what she learns next.

It doesn’t matter if it is a big building block, or little ones on the table.  5 is about how high she gets it and then it all falls down!  LOL

Back to work later today, and every day this week!  Got to earn some Christmas money!  Skills testing tends to come in bunches, and this is the week we start again.  See you later.

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Haven’t posted in a long time–seems like not much happens or is interesting, but decided that I should keep on, at least about the grandkids.

Avalyn, 13 months–as her Mom says, she looks ready to leave for school.  Up and about, runs most of the time.  I’m going to KC to see her tomorrow–have such a good time with her!

Kurt and Jemma, Bella and Scott–J’s cousin and his date–for homecoming this past weekend.  So dressed up!!  Check out Bella’s fabulous shoes!!  They grow up so fast.  Can you believe, Jemma is a junior already?

Got to go–will add more later.

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Vacation plus holiday

Went to Massachusetts for my mother’s 95th birthday–had a big party.  These are my sibs, John, Ray, me, James, and Barbara.  Sister Sandy from Florida didn’t make it.

Mom is doing well.  Had a stroke earlier this year, but has recovered nicely from that.  Has some problems with leg circulation, but lives at home and gets around well.

This was her birthday cake–the machine itself is made from Rice Krispies treats and covered with fondant.  It was Amazing!!!!!

The next morning, we all got in some shooting.  The brothers have a serious gun collection, including black powder rifles, and we practiced.  I have to brag that I hit the target 3 out of 5 shots the first time I handled a gun in my life–9 mm Ruger.  Boy, what a kick it had!!  About hit myself in the head!!

Next stop was the National Zoo in D.C. to see the pandas–another item on k8’s bucket list.  She got to work on heavy equipment again at my bro’s work site, and we stayed with Cousin Irene in D.C.

3 days after we got back, Jemma was off again to Oklahoma to see Aunt Wendy, and we had the usual 4th of July cookout with lots of fireworks.  My favorite part of the night–even after all these years, I love the fireworks so much!!!

This weekend off to see Avalyn, next weekend to Kearney for the EMT conference, and then maybe it’ll settle down for a bit!  Boy, this summer is sure rushing by!!


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Memorial Day and trips

Little changes on Memorial Day.  We have gone to the cemeteries with the American Legion–read that, with Dean, to honor the dead all but one of  the last 43 years.  That year we were in St. Louis and missed out, and decided, never again.  So whatever kids and kin are available go to the Unadilla program, and then everyone comes to our house for lunch.

Pretty much the same food also!!  Hamburgers, potato salad, tarnish, and watermelon!

Always honor those veterans who do this, also.

This week we went to Kearney, Ansley and Broken Bow to see Dean’s high school buddy Ray, whose grandson Chad was in a bad accident and in ICU.

The land is so different out there–miles of wide open space, and we saw out first pivot working for this year.

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Avalyn grows up

Ava is fast getting mobile, able to get around, and learning so many new  “tricks”.

She can pull herself up, open and close toys, get to a crawling position–so much each week!

She’s got a tooth,

is a Husker fan,


can swim,

has a boyfriend,

learning to cook,


loves her mommy and daddy…what more could you ask for???????

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Off to church for sunrise service and breakfast–don’t have those pictures from K8 yet!  Todd came for church and dinner, and Natalie, Brian and Matthias joined us at church.  Matthias was so good in church, and you should have seen him gum a pancake piece to death!

Later we all met at Jenn’s for dinner and the annual egg hunt.  Even the grownups like to get out there and look!  A few cascarone’s to break over heads, and a fun day for all!

Now for those breakable eggs!!

Time for a few family groups and a few individuals—

And you can see why we have such a good time when we get together!!


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Baptism time

Avalyn was born August 15th, Matthias on September 7th, and Lincoln, September 17th. So, in a months time, we had 3 new babies in our family.  Matthias was baptized on Saturday, and what a darling he was!!  (is, too!)

Matt wore a tiny little tuxedo, and was the best baby ever–never even cried when that cold water hit him!!  Gues he loves baths!!  lol

His godparents are Amber, Jeremy and Ben.  He lost both shoes and socks before we were done, and did spit up on the carpet there too.  Entertaining!

Here’s the 4 generation picture–Great Grandma Aimee, Matthias, Natalie, and Melanie!  What a treat to welcome him to God’s family, and know his salvation is sure as one of God’s children, because His promises are sure to all of us.  Welcome Matthias!!

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Trip to KC

Spent this past weekend in Olathe with Jon, Rach, and Avalyn.  Jon insists I only go to see the baby, but he’s wrong.  It’s so nice to see them all and hear what’s new in their lives.  However,  it sure is great to play with the baby hour after hour.  She is such a happy girl–all kicking and jumping and talking.  It has been such a long time since we had a little one around, and it is such fun!

Ava turned 5 months old this weekend, and is growing so fast.  Talking is her best thing besides jumping.  She has a jumper and and hanging johnny-jump-up, and boy does she love to jump!  I could spend hours just watching her go!

She is learning to eat some veggies, and peas don’t interest her at all!

Avocados are alright, though!

Do have to say one thing about this troll morning hair!  LOL!!!!  It’s OK when you tame it with a bow or barrette, but pretty wild til it’s wet!

It snowed last night–our first one this year.  Got between 3-4 inches.  Just enough to be pretty and have to shovel, but not enough to slow down traffic.  I think we’ll go see the eagles out in Lexington this next weekend and celebrate Rich’s birthday also–let’s see if I get any pics!

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Matthias and cookie making

This post is for Matt’s Aunt Minnie in Paris.

This is Matthias, born 3 weeks after Avalyn–really tall!  somber til you play in his crib, then he’s all smiles.

Loves his crib and all the colorful stimulation!

Pretty good at making handprint cookies, also!!

Stands up in the corner of the couch–loves to talk.

Natalie had us all over to make cookies, and she also made a great lunch.  Lots of fun, and great time playing with the baby.  The only time he didn’t like us was lunch time, and then only mom was needed!  LOL

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